Types Of Garden Edging

Demarcation of the gardens makes them look organized. It is very important to keep the gardens a place of beauty.  Too much plantation but no organization means that the garden still requires some maintenance. The edging can be   carried out with the help of number of materials. Usually it is done with the assistance of the wood or metal edges. The edges have little role to play in the growth of the plants but they can work like an accessory that can be used to make the things look beautiful. It is like the customization of the garden. The garden can get the form that the owner prefers. The edging comes in different shapes and sizes. It is not a difficult thing to choose the right edging. The edges can be classified according to the materials used in the manufacturing of the edges. The types have to be chosen carefully so that they perform the assigned task properly. The core types of edging that can be used for any type of garden are as follows:

Types of edging

  1. The natural edges do not need any special materials. The grass and medium sized bushes can make great landscape garden edging. It does not need any additional expenses. The available grass and plants can be used for this purpose after little alteration. The creative garden owners trim the bushy boundaries in such a way that they get the form of a particular object or design that the gardener prefers. This cutting and trimming can be done by the gardener or by some expert trimmer or the edge maker. The only problem with these kinds of edges is that they seek frequent trimming.
  2. The stone, brick or concrete edging is technically referred as the masonry edging. It is created when you are looking for something really durable strong. The edging done with the bricks is called soldiers. This edging further sub divides into upright soldiers, tilted soldiers, etc. the names come from the pattern of organization. Concrete edging has better endurance. It suits every weather and does not get damaged very easily.
  3. Slip edging refers to the edging that is done with the help of metals and the artificial materials like the plastic. These edges are easy to deal with. There is no need to dig deep to fix them in the ground. They don’t get damaged by the weather conditions. The most delicate among all of these is the plastic edging. The extreme temperature makes them lose their shape. It is even easier to break these edges.
  4. Wood edges are the typical edges that are used everywhere. They are even used in the rail roads too. The wooden edges are made of the woods that are hard and not easy to break, weather damage resistance is another feature of these edges.


Edging is a great idea   to keep the things in the garden right. There can be other forms of the edging also like the decorative edging. It is very important for any edge buyer to find out that which one will suit his needs    and requirements and will make the garden stand out among the neighborhood.