Methods To Grow Plants Indoors

The thing is though you will require some electricity to run the system but this is so little you will barely notice it. Furthermore you will require way less water because the system has recirculation. The water with the fish waste is sent to the plants above which use the nutrients and then send filtered and clean water back to the fish. The only way you can lose water is by evaporation and by plants transpiration. Therefore as a whole, you require way less resources to run the system making it not only eco-friendly but good for the conservation of the resources. What do you do when you want to have a garden but do not have any gardening space outdoors? Do you give up on your gardening dreams and never let your green fingers see their full potential? The answer is no. Gardening has come a long way and now you do not just one method of growing plants indoors but you have many. So it is all but guaranteed that your gardening dreams can come true. Here is a look at 3 different methods of gardening indoors.


This method is growing popular by the day and with fair reason. If you live in a country that has winter you would know that it is difficult to make plants thrive outdoors and indoors if they use soil. It is not impossible but it sure can be difficult. So here is the solution, water. Hydroponic methods use pebble or pellets instead of soil. You need to add a nutrient solution to the plants and this can e done in many ways. Some prefer to insert their plants into the solution while others prefer to spray their plant with it. Regardless of which way you choose, a hydroponic method has a lot of benefits. You can have more yield from the plants as it can be grown year round and as you control the nutrients your plant can have the optimum setting for the perfect growth. 


Aquaponics is practically hydroponics but is eco-friendly and requires some love for fish. The most important component in this method is fish. What it does is instead of using a nutrient solution, you send the water with the fish waste to the plants generally above the fish tank and the plants will use the nutrients and send clean filtered water back to the fish tank. This method of recirculation reduces the amount of water you would need to grow the plants as the only way you can lose the water is by plant transpiration and evaporation. The method also uses very little electricity so altogether you use very little resources as the only other thing you need is fish food. So this method benefits earth as a whole. Go here  for more information about aquaponics fish. 

Potted plants

The final method is our good old friendly potted plants. If you do not like fish and fancy nutrient solutions then this is the way to go. All you need is soil, sufficient lighting, water and some temperature control via heating pad and you are good to go. This method is perfect for little herb gardens and by using an indoor herb garden kit Australia you can grow your little garden in your kitchen itself. So choose the right method and grow your own indoor garden. There is nothing like cultivating your own organic fruits and vegetables so do not let the lack of a outdoor space hamper your gardening dreams. So speak to a gardening company and grow your own little indoor garden today.