Keeping the House Clean: Never Too Early to Start


A lot of the mothers complain that keeping the house neat and tidy with small children is virtually impossible. Parents often watch passively when children turn the house upside down because we’re made to believe that children playing havoc is a part and parcel of growing up and it is best to let them do whatever they like and clean up later because ‘kids should be kids’.

However, according to psychologists, training the children to take charge and perform simple household tasks depending on their age can contribute positively for the development of the child’s brain thereby enabling them to grasp and remember things that they learn in an organized environment better. It is said that structure and form are important for a child’s mind and the importance of such things and adhering to them should be encouraged, starting from an early age.

What to teach

Familiarizing the children with household chores can start at the age of 4-5 years around when the child will also be starting his or her formal education at kindergarten. For a start, a child can be taught how to take their breakfast from the kitchen food dispenser and have it without making a mess. A child around this age can also be taught to wash his or her plate or bowl after finishing and putting it in the rack or wherever it is supposed to be.

Little things like putting the lid back on the food dispenser so the food would be safe from insects, washing hands before and after meals, cleaning up any crumbs on the table or on the floor after meals should be taught to the children as they are important things that the children should know and learn to follow from an early age.

How to teach

Dealing with young children and getting them to do little things around the house without exhausting them in fact is a challenge. Organizing small games or rewarding the children after they have completed a task would be one way that you can get the children to get involved in household work. Also, rewarding them for not messing up and appreciating them when they complete a task is something that would motivate them to keep going. Giving the children the ample attention that they need is however important. It is often said that children who don’t receive the attention that they think they deserve often tend to play havoc and make their surroundings chaotic. Therefore, getting children involved and keeping a clean house is something that parents should try doing instead of complaining about how it is impossible to keep a house tip top with little ones around.

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