How To Design Your Garden Landscape?

Have you ever seen a program on hgtv or another real estate channel and marveled at the gorgeous gardens that the homes have? They look so elegant and breathtakingly beautiful. You may think it must be very expensive to create a garden like that but the truth is, it’s not. You can have a gorgeous elegant garden too. Here is how.

Get a good design

The first thing with landscaping is that you need a proper landscape design. You can consult with a professional landscaping Canberra to get the design or you can come up with one by yourself. A professional will be able to gage your garden and give you a plan that suits your budget and as they have expert knowledge they would know a lot about designing the garden. However if you wish to do it on your own, it is possible too. There are multiple magazines and websites available that specialize in house designs and give useful architectural tips. So you should check them out and see if there is any design you would like to implement in your garden.

Think about balance

Any good landscape design needs to be balanced and harmonious. When you look at it, it should flow and look comforting and not jarring. So don’t choose huge statues or place them in the middle of the garden unless you can make the foliage around it a certain way that it balances the statue out. To keep things balanced think about choosing a specific flower and repeating it at different points. This adds a sense of uniformity and makes the garden design look more harmonious. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the same flower. You can repeat specific colours. For an example, you could go with pink peonies, bougainvilleas and orchids and lay them out in different parts of your garden

Symmetry is a good thing

In gardens, symmetry keeps it pristine and neat. Straight hedges and a proper layout, these can make a garden look less cluttered and helps the landscape look clean and elegant. Work with a designer and see how you can incorporate symmetry.

Too much symmetry is not as good

Gardens that are too symmetric can look boring so think about having a few little twists. Maybe vary the foliage behind the design or introduce unique elements like a fountain or a beautiful wall garden, while keeping everything else quite similar, this way your garden will look interesting and make the observers curious and interested.