How To Clean Up Your Wardrobe

It’s winter. And your wardrobe looks like a tornado had it. Once you returned from work the only thing that you had wanted to do was get under the covers and warm up a bit.
It would be easier to sit yourself in front of your wardrobe and just do it if there was thermal insulation installation. But, that is not the case, and you should get up and sort it out before your clean clothes mix with your dirty clothes. If that happens you will find yourself wearing dirty clothes to work and you don’t want that. Or do you?
The thermal insulation installation would not make a difference to you being lazy in winter, would it? That is why it is imperative that you take the following advice on how to sort out your wardrobe.
Get out of under the covers and wrap yourself in your fleece gown. Make sure that you have your tights on and put a blanket over your legs as you sit comfortably in from of your wardrobe, the dreaded monster.
Pick one item of clothing up at a time and place them into piles next to you. The skirts with the skirts and the shorts with the shorts. Once that is done, fold each item, neatly flattening the item as soon as you’ve completed folding it.
Put the folded items in their respective drawers. Make sure that the socks and the underwear are in different drawers so that they don’t mix together and cause chaos in your wardrobe again.
Put all of your winter coats on your coat hangers in the wardrobe and hang them neatly next to one another. Don’t mix them with anything else, keep them in one section of the space so that you can easily locate the coat section of the rail.
Then run your hand along the scarves, one by one, to flatten them out and place them in the next section you’ll create on the rail.
In the third and final section of the rail, hang up your smart works shirts, skirts and pants.
Then pair up your shoes and place them at the bottom of the closet. If you’d prefer you could line them up along the wall next to your wardrobe, for easier access.
Organize your toiletries and make-up in an easily accessible neat arrangement on the top shelf.
Now that your wardrobe is sparklingly neat, admire it for a few minutes. Take in its beauty and store it in your memory as a standard to uphold. And get back under the covers.