Guidelines On How To Choose A Sofa Bed

There is a wide range of furniture to choose from when you go furniture shopping and you are most likely to be confused by all the choices. Convertible furniture has become increasingly popular and convenient for most people. A basic guide to helping you navigate in the array of furniture that is available is listed below:

The purpose of the piece of furniture

Most manufacturers of furniture have specific reasons as to why they bring out a piece of furniture, for example, a sofa would be used for seating. However, few would consider furniture that could be used as both seating and sleeping comfort. Ottoman Sofa bed is one such place that has sofa beds which has a multipurpose use of both a seater & a bed. However, this is also a compromise as a sofa bed can never really be the best seater or the best bed available.


As with buying any household item, you must plan on how much you are willing to spend before you actually go shopping. A good quality sofa bed will usually sell between $600 – $1000 and buying anything below this range would be a doubtful business. It is best to have an idea of the price ranges in your localities by visiting online stores and doing a brief research on the internet. Unless you are willing to spend more than $1000, the comfort levels of the cushion when in the bed position is highly questionable. However, a bed in a sofa lounge primarily used for seating should not be too much of discomfort. Visit this link for more info on sofa lounge.

Famous brands

One of the most famous furniture brands for sofa beds are Futon furniture where their sofabeds are known for being functional and practical. Comfort levels depend largely from person to person, but these mattresses are made of many layers of batting that is cotton that are of low density foam so if you want a durable sofa bed that will not harden in time, spending a lot will be vital. Davenports are also another brand that is known for sofa beds.

Types of sofa beds

There are about 3 other types of convertible furniture available such as flip flop, daybed and trundle beds. These are however, not practical for daily use and you might want to think twice before you buy a low quality one for a loved one. After all, a good night’s sleep at the end of the day cannot be compromised. These kinds of sofa beds cannot be used primarily for sleeping, unless it is a one off guest sleep over.

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