Four Questions To Ask The Removal Company

When you are moving house especially if it is the first time that you have to go through this experience, it can be very daunting. May be you have heard horror stories of those who have had to move and it all went bad. So now you are taking your tie to find a moving company to work with. However you still have to use a one of these companies only you can add a bit of caution.
Before you enter into a relationship with a mover in Melbourne, you could ask some questions that will help you decide whether you are talking to the right company or not. We have put together some questions that you can ask when you are in the process of hiring a removal company.
Is a professional from your company going to come over to make an assessment?The answer for this from any professional company should be yes. The only way they can be able to provide a meaningful quote is if they come and do a house visit and assess the things that are in the house. Beware of those who give quotes without making visits. They may just be trying to get you to hire them by providing cheap prices. However, such companies will almost always increase their prices once they come to do the move out.
Is your company properly licensed and insured to do movesThis is another one that you need the answer to be yes. You should not trust your valuables to a company that is not insured. In fact you should not use companies that are not use companies that are not licensed to do a move. Even if they tell you they are licensed, do your own private checks to ascertain that this is the case. Insurance is also important as anything could go wrong during the move
Do you have an office and a warehouse?You may have contacted this mover in Melbourne through the internet but you still want to know if they have a real office and a warehouse. While this may not seem like relevant to your move, it may help tell you which companies are serious about doing business and which ones are not. A serious company should have a physical location and possibly a warehouse for storage.
For how long have you been doing removals?It is always said that experience is the best teacher and this comes true for removals. A company that has been doing removals for long is better than one that is just starting out. Even if they offer insurance, you can be sure that they will be careful enough to ensure your items are properly handled during the move.
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