Fixing A Blocked Drain

Blocked pipelines and drains can be a nightmare. An emergency with your drain can feel like a disaster with waste water flooding your garden and the kitchen. Every household has experienced the trouble of a drain blockage at some point in time. Drains tend to get blocked due to various, unexpected reasons such as Fat, oil and food leftover from cooking that congeals in pipes setting hard. Knowing how to fix a drain blockage and to prevent a drain getting blocked will save time and money. Here are a few tips to avoid a drain blockage and to fix a blocked drain.

Prevent a drain blockage

Blocked drains can be pretty nasty. One of the best ways to prevent a drains from getting clogged is to be careful what you put into them. Cooking grease, leftover food, coffee grounds and hair are few items that will cause a serious drain blockage. Avoid dumping these daily household items to drains to prevent the nightmare of a clogged drain. You can also use a drain-gate or screen to cover the drains’ opening and to minimize trouble with pipelines. Regular cleaning of the drains could also assist you in avoiding a possible block in a drain.

Household fixes

Sinks get clogged quite often for multiple reasons. There are few ways to handle blocked drains all by yourself before consulting a professional. Your local store will have a range of specially designed tool to address the emergency of a blocked drains in Logan. A plunger will always come in handy when fixing a clogged drain. You could also use few everyday household items, such as a long stick to unlock your drains. Or you could also use a homemade drain cleaner. In a situation of a moderate drain blockage, pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by half a cup of vinegar. Pouring hot water down a blocked drain could also help in cleaning a drain blockage. Chemical drain cleaners can also be a last resort before contacting a professional plumber.

Contact a professional plumber

If the drain blockage is out of your control, the best resort would be to contact a professional plumber before the drain blockage get completely out of hand. The problem might be more complex than you assume, if none of the home remedies have worked. A professional plumber, with the expertise and the knowledge to handle a blockage, overflow or a simple leak, can help you get your life back to normal fast.

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