Diy Outdoor Sun Shades

If you’re in a region where there’s plenty of sun most of the year around. Your probably one those people who are getting tired of the sun and heat. Sure it’s a great way to spend time at the beach. But it’s not like you can do that every day. Whilst most parts of the world, are getting ready for the cool season, some parts are mostly drowning in the heat. Sometimes you wish you could just step out in to your porch with a good book, sipping away chilled lemonade, but leave that thought aside when you see the blazing sun. Waste not! Here’s a neat way of getting you outdoors, by building your own outdoor sun shade.
What you need to begin
Starting off with the basics, you need plenty of outdoor fabric to cover the area of your choice in your premises. A sewing machine, measuring tape, fabric markers and adequate amount of pins scissors and hooks to get your fixtures on. First and foremost, measure the selected area where you wish to fix the shade sails. Identify the surface you have to work with as it will help when installing the hooks. Place the hooks on the surface appropriately to secure the shade well.
Once you’ve placed the hooks, lay the fabric in a spacious area and mark the shade sails design clearly with fabric markers. You can browse for ideas and designs from websites or outdoor decorating magazines that are freely available in your local home depot malls. Once you’ve decided on a design, carefully cut it out, fold the hemline and pin it in place. With the help of your sewing machine, sew around folded edge and hemline. Once done, set it aside and cut portions of strips from the excess material. These will act as connecting loops for the shade and hooks. Sew the loops on to your shade and be mindful in the stitch as they need to be strong enough to hold it all together. Once you sewed all the loops in place, connect the loops to the hooks and your outdoor sun shade is good to go!
The most functional and easy to use sun shade, which requires minimal care. Whenever the requirement arises, you can simply unhook, so easy to install and so easy take down. Since this is made of fabric and not plastic, it may not be adaptable for all weather conditions. However it sure does the duty of keeping the sun away, letting you enjoy the days of summer without been stuck indoors for too long.

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